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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Zoar Graig

I recently photographed a derelict church called Zoar Graig, just on the border of Brecon and Monmouthshire. I had driven past the churchyard many times and saw that it was a ruin, and that there was a earth mover parked outside.

So I finally got to the site to photograph it, and found the graveyard in a very overgrown and untended state. This possibly has to be the worst graveyard I've seen so far.

The church is just a shell, and many of the graves are smashed or knocked over. The graveyard perimeter is difficult to find as it is so overgrown, and there were several goats munching their way through the undergrowth!

Still, after clambering around for a bit, I photographed as much of the site as was possible. A week later I noticed that a sturdy metal fence had been erected around the property, preventing any access to the site at all.

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Deborah said...

Thanks for posting the photos of Zoar Graig cemetery. I have been researching my family tree and found that several of my relatives are buried there. Your photos have answered some questions for me. Am now in process of trying to gain access as it has been bought privately. Any info you have would be grately appreciated. Thanks again,