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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Babel chapel, Cwmfelinfach, burial place of Islwyn the Poet

This is the burial place of Islwyn the poet. In the picture here you can see Islwyn's gravestone, which is the tall obelisk in the middle of the image.

It is a small chapel in the village of Cwmfelinfach, not far from where Islwyn was born. The chapel boasts a visitor centre, which unfortunately no longer appears to be open. There are several danger signs plastered to the fence and gates warning people to stay out as the graves are dangerous...

Take a look at this website which gives a potted history of Islwyn's life:

There are some excellent photographs showing Babel chapel at the bottom of this link:


Anonymous said...

Babel Chapel Cwmfelinfach, burial place of Islwyn the Poet - latest!!
This monument to Islwyn is at this moment a considerable worry as there are plans afoot to demolish this memorial. Locals are desperate to keep it many such like memorials have been lost through this valley to make way for housing etc. It has been said a figure of £40,000 would need to be spent on the building to make it safe for visitors. The key is available for anyone wishing to visit the chapel from the Full Moon Vistors Centre in the Sirhowy Country Park. Viewing is by appointment only.
Would appreciate any comments or ideas on how to get help to stop the lost of yet another of our monumnets.

Anonymous said...

The Babel Chapel, Cwmfelinfach, final resting place of the ppoet Islwyn is sadly under threat of being knocked down. It has been said locally that a figure of £40,000 is needed to make the building safe for visitors. The key for the chapel is held at the Full Moon Visitors Centre, main entrance fro the Sirhowy Country Park. Viewing is by appointment only and subject to the Park Rangers.
Would appreciate any information or help in pointing us in the right direction to get this dreadful act stopped. This valley has lost many such important sites to accomodate housing etc. and it is time to say enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Just so that you know ... the debate is still continuing regarding the chapel. I live just round the corner from it, it would be a shame to lose it but they really need to do something quickly. Lots of kids seems to see it as somewhere to "play about" in.

Anonymous said...

Young inspiration of the village!

The babel chapel, is a monument of Cwmfelinfach and can also be seen to young people within the comminity like myslef as an inspiration, it had past heritage behind it and it would be a shame to lose it. The welsh poet Islwyn is a monument and the grave yard is a place where memories lie and shows how the Islwyn street got its name. Hope it stays within the community even if its for respect. x x

Cath said...

I live just round the corner from Babel Chapel. What should be an inspiration to young people sadly isn't, and children often are in there throwing balls and stones about. It saddens me to see such lack of respect to our history (not to mention the resting places of the deceased). Sadly, noone seems that bothered :(