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Monday, March 13, 2006

1670 Hearth Tax Pembrokeshire

Among the Lay Subsidies at the Public Record Office is a Roll containing particulars of the Hearth Tax levied on the householders in Pembrokeshire in the year 1670. This document is extremely interesting, as it gives practically a complete list of the number of inhabited houses in each parish in the county, and also the names of the householders then occupying them, and as it states the number of the hearths in each house, it is possible to form some idea of the size of the more important residences in the county in 1670. In the Roll the householders in each parish are divided into two classes, 'Persons Liable' and 'Paupers Certified,' and the number of the hearths are given in Roman numerals.

The 1670 Hearth Tax for Pembrokeshire is now available at:

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