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Monday, March 13, 2006


Welcome to the Ogre blog spot...

The OGRE website ( is, amongst other things, the publication of a project to photograph and catalogue gravestone inscriptions prior to 1930 in South Wales, UK. The site provides images of all the headstones and an inscription where possible, subject to damage and illegibility.

It is provided as a free genealogical research tool for users worldwide, and also hosts some other free resources, for example, the 1873 Landowners Returns for Wales.

I've created this blog to provide a forum for users of the OGRE website to provide feedback and comments on the site, and also as an area where I can provide information on upcoming graveyards, and the progress of the transcription of the graveyards.

Use and enjoy!



Belin said...

Just discovered your blog and web site - fantastic project and quite a challenge.
I live in Newport and have been trawling many a grave yard in the course of family history etc.
I am currently on Garden leave and back into family tree mode.
Have photographs of lots of COGGINS related stones (Notice stones listed on your site for Libinus are under GOGGINS - should read COGGINS)
Am out and about (Monmouth, Beaufort, Sirhowy) in the coming weeks - if you want any help just ask
tried emailing but bouncing


Belin said...

Just a short note of correction - under memorial inscriptions - Blackwood - Libinus Chapel - ( You have catalougued some MIs as Goggins where this should read Coggins

Have photos of these also.
Am out and about around Mon/Brec for personal family history. I could assist in photographing/etc if you need

let me know

Let me know