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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Registers of Grosmont 1589 - 1812: Part 2


From what may be gathered from the registers, the town and parish were entirely Welsh in language and sentiment till the end of the eighteenth century. In 1608 the baptism of the son of an "Englishe man" is noted (p, 20), the only English families there at this period being Gainsford and Goddard. There were than very few surnames, the usual string of Christian names taking the place of a surname. The Welsh system had its advantages, as when (p. 18) in 1606 Mawd the daughter of John William James David Gwyllym, is baptized, no less than six generations are enumerated, a pedigree in itself. It will be noticed that though the entries are in English for the most part, those relating to the gentry and superior persons are in Latin.

Book I. - This commences with 1589 and ends with 1631. It is in fairly good condition, but in places hard to decipher. It is of parchment and measures 12 ¼ ins. by 6 ½ ins.

Book II. - This is unbound and the pages are loose. It commences with 1631 and continues to 1638. There are then no entries till 1662, caused doubtless by the civil Wars. From 1662 it continues regularly to 1673. These pages are of parchment and measure 12 ins. by 7 ¾ ins.

Book III. - This is a stout parchment book in good order and well written. It commences with 1678 and goes to 1756. It measures 14 ins. by 8 ins.

Book IV. - This is a parchment book in good condition. Some of the entries are in a bad hand, presumably that of the parish clerk. It commences in 1757 and ends with 1812. It measures 13 ¼ ins. by 7 ½ ins.

Book V. - Printed book of marriage forms, 1754 to 1812.